Workers Compensation

Your individual risk premium modification, or IRPM is determined by the longevity of your business, and claims history. The longer you're in business, and continuously covered, the lower your risk. As such, your insurance costs are reduced as a result. We are experts at negotiating your rates, and the larger your payroll, the lower we can get it. In addition to our negotiations, we also provide you with no cost risk control services. Low Cost Hotel Insurance is your partner in reducing costs and reducing risk.

Crime Coverage

Theft and Vandalism come in many forms. What goes on inside your hotel room is usually not detected until long after your patrons have left the premises. Our insurance policies include theft and vandalism coverage, and protect you from costly situations. In many situations, the authorities are unable to identify the assailants, and even if they are, they're probably not the type that have the resources to compensate you for the damage. Regardless of the situation, we are here to help you with the restoration process from start to finish.


Possibly the most disastrous of all insurance claims. At any moment a suit can be brought forth, and you had better hope you have the coverage limits you need to pay for the claim. Our policies have defense costs that are unlimited and in addition to your coverage limits. In other words, when our attorneys provide your defense, those costs do not diminish the amount of coverage that you have selected. With diminishing limit policies, whatever is paid out in defense costs, are taken away from your coverage limit. Slip and fall is just one type of occurrence that could give rise to a claim. Whatever the situation, you can count on us to help.

Replacement Cost Coverage

What does it mean to have replacement cost coverage, and how does it differ from the lesser rated actual cash value coverage? If you suffer a devastating fire loss, you had better hope that replacement cost coverage is included in your insurance contract. With this coverage, you will also be eligible for compensation on malfunctioning equipment, spoiled food from power failures, and more to ensure that your company does not suffer from any unexpected events. Let Low Cost Hotel Insurance review your benefits to find out how you can improve your coverage, and reduce your costs.

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