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It's about time you connect with the industry leader in hotel insurance. Don't let the name fool you though. Low cost does not mean we give up coverage.

We're experts at scouring the market to make sure you're always insuring with competitively priced and reputable insurance carriers.

From the moment someone walks into your reception area

We embrace the relationship, just as you value each and every patron that walks in your door. No matter the situation, we are only a phone call away. Our claims assistance has one of the highest ratings, and our insurance companies have A Ratings, and Admitted Status.

Property Coverage

We have the authority to bind high limits of building coverage. Larger structures and hundreds of rooms are not cheap to rebuild. You will want to include replacement cost coverage as well as building ordinance to ensure that your reconstruction is done to your expectations. The number of rooms you have at a location determine which programs you'll select from. Our team of qualified agents are standing by to assist you. It pays to work with a company that cares.

Liability & Workers Compensation

You're exposed to a tremendous amount of liability on a daily basis. From an unavoidable slip and fall, to an upset stomach from the complimentary breakfast. Our liability limits can be increased to Ten Million Dollars or more, depending on your needs. Individual Premium Risk Modifications can be requested on an ongoing basis, to make sure our workers compensation insurance is at the lowest cost possible.

Income Protection and More

Does your policy include coverage for business interruption? You'd be surprised how often we compare contracts of coverage with new clients, and discover their policy may be lacking on one way or another. Without the income you depend on to manage the business and support the family, all could be lost. It's all a matter of understanding the benefits you're provided. Our limits may include actual cash value for a period of 12 months or more.

Looking for another type of insurance?

Contact Hayek Insurance, the parent company, to discuss any coverage. Including Home, Auto, Life and Health